The Petrarolo Estate

Ancient olive groves and wild flower meadows

The 30 hectare (75 acre) Petrarolo estate encapsulates the diversity and richness of the Apulian countryside. Within its boundaries you will find ancient protected olive groves, productive working farmland, wooded areas, wild grass meadows, and valleys formed by the riverbeds of a former age.

A walk, run, or adventurous cycle along our meandering pathways is the way to see it all, or to scope out the perfect spot for an afternoon of inspired contemplation or creativity. The beauty of the region lends itself to artistic representation. Dining al fresco is another way to immerse yourself in the Petrarolo estate. A picnic or dinner under the stars can be arranged with a day’s notice.

The diversity of the estate yields a wonderful source of fresh produce. While exploring you will see many of the ingredients our chef treasures. Spend a moment with our bees at the Petrarolo beehives, busy making honey for the breakfast table.

We are committed to sustainable living, and for the green-minded we offer an eco-tour of the estate. On the tour you will see the estate’s renewable energy sources that power Masseria Petrarolo’s heating, water and air conditioning. Extensive planting is being carried out to provide wood to act as a future energy source, and to improve the biodiversity of the estate, which had become dominated by olive groves. Native oak, pine and poplar are being planted to this end.

The main house sits in beautiful surroundings

The Estate offers any visitor interested in the outdoors many days of exploring, with stunning views of nature.