Events at Masseria Petrarolo

Every year on the 8th of September Masseria Petrarolo plays host to a religious fiesta that starts with a candlelilt procession that leads to the chapel for a simple service of prayers and hymns. The fiesta is attended by over 300 people from the local area and is a tradition going back hundreds of years. We are very proud to maintain this tradition.

Hosting an event at Masseria Petrarolo

Discreet private gatherings may at certain times of the year be held at the Masseria. Whether it is a family gathering or a special occasion Masseria Petrarolo could become the venue for a very special occasion.

Private Chapel

Chapel lit up at night

The still visited private Chapel suits those seeking a very private occassion. Alternatively the service can be held in the chapel garden with guests facing the entrance to the chapel. The service can be held inside or just outside of the chapel itself.


An incredible space for a large outside sit down dinner.

Rooftop pool terrace

The Rooftop pool terrace provides for a fantastic evening drinks party, as a precursor to the main event.

Rooftop pool terrace

If you would like to hold a private event for a wedding or large family celebration then please contact us.