Renewable Energy

The Estate uses renewable energy sources for all heating and cooling.

100kw Gilles Woodchip boiler

Woodchips power the main boiler

Woodchips made on the estate power the woodchip boiler, which powers the heat bank. Made up of three 5000 litre insulated water tanks – the heat bank, powers all the dependent circuits.

There are three main hot circuits:
– the hot water for baths, and showers
– the fan coil units in the rooms for heating
– the underfloor heating
– the swimming pool heating

The heat bank also powers the air conditioning which is generated by the Yazaki absorption chiller.

75kw Yazaki Air Conditioning

The Yazaki is a unique kind of cooling generator, which converts heat from the heat bank into cooling using a reverse refrigeration process.

The absorption cooling cycle can be described in three phases:

Evaporation: A liquid refrigerant evaporates in a low partial pressure environment, thus extracting heat from its surroundings (e.g. the refrigerator’s compartment). Due to the low pressure, the temperature needed for evaporation is also lower.

Absorption: The now gaseous refrigerant is absorbed by another liquid (e.g. a salt solution), reducing its partial pressure in the evaporator and allowing more refrigerant to evaporate.

Regeneration: The refrigerant-saturated liquid is heated, causing the refrigerant to evaporate out. This happens at a significantly higher pressure. The refrigerant is then condensed through a heat exchanger to replenish the supply of liquid refrigerant in the evaporator.

Yazaki Absorption Chiller

100kw Solar heating from flat panels

Solar panels installed in the olive grove, provide over 100kw of heating power when the sun is shining.

Solar heating – 130 flat panels

50kw Solar heating from parabolic collectors

Polished stainless steel parabolic solar collectors, focus the sun’s energy onto the specially coated axis pipe, providing additional solar heating for the heat bank.

16 mirrored stainless steel collectors produce intense heat

Environmental practices are central to the values of the Petrarolo Estate.